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The riverIn the municipality of Elena there are two state forestry boards: State forestry “Elena” and State forestry “Buynovtsi”. They are located in the town of Elena and Buynovtsi village and manage the woodland richness on the north – slopes of the Balkan range in the part of Elena – Tvarditsa mountain.

The highest point of the forest is located underneath Chumerna peak – some 1500 m above sea level till the lowest is at a place where the river “Elenska” leaves the territory of the municipality – at 100 m. These considerable differences in the elevation determine the enormous variety of the relief. The southern part is characterized as clearly expressed mountainous; the terrain is steep and very steep with deeply incised river valleys. The relief is cragged –planar to the north and at some places the slopes are very small and typical for the plains.

The municipality of Elena is situated in the forest belt of beech and coniferous trees. The distribution of the territory in accordance with the kind of the forests is: coniferous trees – 15%, high –stalk broad-leaved forests – 22%, to be reconstructed – 28%, for seed fund – 30%, low-stalked -5%.

Pine forestIn the municipality widely spread are the following wood species: beech, hornbeam, оак, cerris, lime –tree, etc… They are mixed with cherry-tree, elm, sycamore, ashl-tree, aspen and so on. As a result of the forestation made by the state forestry are sown and come into leaf some coniferous trees such as white pine, black pine, spruce, etc…

For the needs of the lumbering are mainly used broad-leaved trees –such as beech and in smaller quantity oak, hornbeam, sycamore, ashl – tree, elm, aspen, wild cherry – tree, maple, etc…The artificially made coniferous trees are source of softwood its percentage still being very low. Wood reserves are very limited and should be used very carefully. As priorities should be defined partial felling, forestation, conservation of the forests and protection of the game.

Every year forestation of the territory is accomplished. The trees used for this purpose are mainly broadleaved – local oaks (evergreen oak, cerris) mixed with different kind of lime-tree, beech, acacia, etc…The used coniferous trees are the white and black pine.

Red deerOn the territory of the municipality there are two natural reserves – “White cow” and “Rebel rock peak”. They are recognized as natural reserves with the purpose of preserving the untouched centuries-old beech forests. The reserves represent two pearls among the necklace of luxuriant vegetation of Elena`s Balkan. Except the impressive rocks, 99% of the territory of the reserves is covered by an imposing green sea consisting of ancient beeches. Protected territories are part of the buffer zones of the natural reserves “Savchov chair” and “Sini Bryag”. Protected landmarks are the country sides “The elephant” and “The waterfall”.

According to the hunting regions in the Bulgaria, the southern part of the municipality is in the area of the Middle part of the Balkan Range and in the middle part of the Fore Balkan. The diversity in the relief in combination with the multiple climate features and the deep forests turn out to be an important precondition for an area abounding in game. The copious food and the assured protection determine a lot of different game during all the four seasons. The Balkan Range is abundant in big game. Here could be met wild-boar, deer and red deer.

In the Fore-Balkan mainly small game lives – hare, pheasant, partridge, turtle-dove. Due to the enormous forests at some places the existing conditions are suitable for wild-boar and deer breeding.

During the winter passage at the main streams wild ducks and on rare occasions geese could be seen.

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