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Yovcheva house

Йовчевата къща

* * *

Elena, 10 Kilazhevtsi Str.

telephone: +359 896682041, +359 52636651

web: www.jovchevatakashta.com

e-mail: [email protected]

Price given over the phone

Yovcheva house has 3 rooms overlooking Kiluzhka River, giving off a romantic and peaceful stay. During the summer it is a great place for a vacation. There are many things a guest can do for entertainment, whether to have a picnic, go sun bathing or fishing.

Стая с каминаThe house offers cozy rooms decorated in an antique style. Heating system so-called “Dzamal” (a Turkish system) is used to heat the rooms and 2 apartments. Comfortable heating system for tourist, keeping rooms cool in the summer and warm during the cold winter months. The flame in the fireplace gives a romantic feeling. Every room has a private bathroom with shower and television. There is a kitchen if you want to prepare something yourself in an electric or gas oven, or keep things in fridge. A washing machine is available to wash your clothes, dinning hall and summer kitchen with barbeque and oven.

In the ethnographic corner of the house there is gathered and restored stock, giving the house a historical and ethnographic value. You can learn how to spin wool on a loom, milk a cow and to prepare local dairy specialties.

 The house keepers are hospitable but in the same time discreet not to impose on guest that want their privacy. For those of the guests that like to have fun the Mehana (tavern) През зиматаopens their doors and serves guest with delicious dishes. Type of dishes are the Elenski but prepared on a wood fire, fried bread, salads from fresh vegetables, and during the winter the owners will warm you will homemade wine and “rakia” a local brand of whiskey. For your entertainment the owners have provides a TV with video player, and stereo in the Mehana. Because of its crispy air and the silence of the forest you will always wake up feeling rested.  For breakfast they have makista (type of pastry), local brand of yogurt, goat cheese and mountain honey.

For guest that enjoy relaxing around the house there is a comfy living room with TV, video, DVD and games. Outside there is a children’s playground, mini children’s pool, and basketball net. The owners offer the opportunity for shooting with riffle and bow and arrow, bicycles, horse riding, going for a safari in their jeep. In the winter it’s a perfect location for skiing.

Don’t hesitate to have your holiday here; the owners will give you an unforgettable visit, if needed they will provide you will transport.

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