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Economy and agriculture

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The hotel complex “Elena”The economic situation in the Municipality could be described as meeting big difficulties in the change of the old enterprises. In the past, there were built relatively big industrial enterprises: Glass producing enterprise, Enterprise for the production of trailers, Enterprise for the production of furniture and appliances for schools “Ciril and Metodiy”, Enterprise for the production of television pieces, Textiles factory, etc. In some of the villages there were established braches of the above mentioned enterprises. After the transition from state to market economy, these enterprises don`t work or don`t use their full capacity. There is a lasting drop in the production of industrial goods; a lack of money of the owners and the population. The working equipment is old and amortized.

A bit different is the situation of the companies with new investments – “BCC Handel” Ltd. (enterprise for dairy products), “Remel” AD, “Rembi” AD (production of trailers), “El Kar” Ltd. (repairs of electric and motor trucks), “Elena” AD, “Elba-99” AD (lumbering and wood-processing), “Brilyant Tarnovgrad” AD – Veliko Tarnovo, Elena branch, ET “Viktoria company GD” (sewing company). There is a shown interest to the labor force market from the sewing companies. The activity of the rest of the private companies is concentrated in the trade and public services. The trade in the municipality is dominated by the private sector -owners of small private shops. Their total number counts some 109. The small and medium businesses occupy a considerable part of the municipal economy.

On 30.06.2004 was restored the working process in the former Glass producing enterprise. Nowadays its name is “Interior Glass” AD and approximately 200 people make their living there. Around 120 000 bottles per day is the capacity of this enterprise. In 2006 was established the company “Elenskite maystori” Ltd.. The latter produces different kinds of meat. Its priority are raw – dried delicacy and in particular - the so called “a leg of pork prepared in Elena”.

Within the frames of the municipality there are 5 comunal companies: “Balkan” Ltd., “Bukovets” Ltd., “Elena avtotransport” Ltd., “State properties” Ltd. and “The Balkan of Elena” Ltd.

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