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Economy and agriculture

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Cows are out grazingThe agricultural land in the municipality is 287 537 decares – 192 307 is cultivated agricultural land and 2 768 perennial plants. Not cultivated municipal agricultural land is 4944 decares.

A beeIn the recent past 30000 decares cultivated land were grain crops among which 5000 decares - winter wheat. Animal breeding was also developed – around 24000 sheep and 2000 cattle were raised. At the moment the livestock is concentrated in small private farms. In Elena region around 2100 cows, 8500 sheep, 3000 goats, 2000 pigs, 21000 poultry are raised. The bee farming is well developed – up to 1000 beehives. In the municipality is initiated the ecological bee-keeping. The ecological clean honey made in Elena region is well known all over the country.

The excellent combination of existing agricultural land, suitable agro – climatic conditions, ecological cleanliness, traditions and available labour force offer an opportunitiy for refund and extension of the land covered with perennial plants such as raspberry, black currants, aronia, strawberry. From the formerly existing perennial plants nowadays there are some 2500 decares of plum – trees, 150 decares of apple-trees and 90 decares of vineyards. A considerable part of them should be restored.

In the last few years there is an enormous interest towards cultivated producing of herbs, such as common balm (Melissa officinalis), lavender, spearmint and forest fruits. Soils are suitable for the growing of these plants.

Cultivated herbs and mushrooms are mainly exported.

Around 2200 decares wheat and 500 decares barley are sown a year, which is 10% of the top capacity.

Aronia melanocarpaIn the municipality the following cooperations work:

 - Agricultural cooperation “Agrokoop Chumerna” – Elena. The small owners` agricultural land is hired and sunflower is grown. The cooperation produces select seeds, buys up and process herbs and forest fruits.

- “Sortoizpitvane – Elena” Ltd. – It produces aronia seedlings (Aronia melanocarpa), aronia fruits, gives agricultural advices and makes seeds tasting.

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