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The street leading to the Daskalolivnitsa museum complexThe density of the road network in the municipality of Elena is 0,66 km/sq. km. This is much higher comparable to the average density of the other regions of the country. Unfortunately the quality of the existing roads is very low. There are not highways and first class roads.

The major road, passing by the town of Elena is the 2-nd class road II-53 “Polikraishte- Sliven”. It connects the Municipality to the main railway station- Gorna Oryahovitsa and to the centre of the area – Veliko Tarnovo. Its detachment- road III-533 connects Elena to Antonovo and Omurtag both towns being from Targovishte region. The second indirect connection of the Municipality to the Centre of the region is the road III-551 “Debelets- Plakovo- Sredni kolibi- Elena”.

The other main transport artery is the 3-rd class road III-534 “Elena- Tvarditsa”. It is not only a link between “Bucovets” and “Chumerna” mountain hostels, but appears also to be the shortest way of connection for all towns and villages from both sides of the Balkan Range. Due to the bad quality of the road surface it is unusable for automobiles.

According to the Law of the roads , dating from March 2000, the whole territory of the Municipality is covered with 2-nd and 3-rd class roads amounting to 81,4 kilometres, and the regional ones which total length is up to 312,2 km.

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