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Yovkovtsi DamThe whole area of the municipality of Elena is serviced by Water supply and drainage “Yovkovtsi” LTD, Elena region. Almost all of the villages have water-supply laid on. The most of them are connected to a central water-conduit.

The drainage system of the town is almost completely built, but there’s not existing sewer pipe. The river passing through the centre is used as drains pipe. A sewer pipe is in process of construction, the work making a serious progress.

The main water source in the Municipality is Yovkovtsi Dam, named after one of the villages, nowadays it is under the water level. The village had been destroyed because of the construction of the dam. The construction works start in March, 1968 and on 25 of December, 1977 starts its storage. 1981- 82 the dam was put into operation at two stages.

The purifying station supplying the population with drinkable, tap water is built at 6 km from Velchevo village and purifies the tap water designed??? for Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Lyaskovets, Dryanovo, Elena and some of the villages of the region. The purifying technology consists of chlorination, precipitation, filtration and at the end- disinfection.

The preceding chlorination and disinfection are completed by chlorine- gas, the precipitation is mechanically done- using horizontal sluices. The process of filtration is accomplished by the way of quick sand filtration. Filtrated water is chlorinated.

According to the project the purifying station “Yovkovtsi” is designed to purify 2500 l/s tap water. About 60% of the equipment works. The official start of “Yovkovtsi” purifying station dates from 01.05.1979. At the beginning there’s one filter, subsequently- 4 and nowadays there are 8 working filters.

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