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The Municipality consists of the town of Elena the latter being center of the municipality and 123 villages. Four of the villages have their own mayors- Bebrovo, Kamenari, Konstantin and Maysko in the rest there are elected deputy-mayors. The major (main) part of the population is concentrated in the town of Elena and some of the bigger villages located at the main roads. The Municipality numbers about 11 380 people, 6500 living in the town of Elena. The correlation of the population of the town to the population of the villages is 52:48.

During the last five years nine of the villages became depopulated- Ganev Dol, Dainovtsi, Draganovtsi, Darlevtsi, Kosevtsi, Sabkovtsi, Tombeto, Trankovtsi, Tanki rat. During the last 115 years the number of the villages in the Municipality had decreased (dropped off) from 207 in 1890 to 124 nowadays. In case the depopulation keeps the same speed, in the year of 2050 90% of the villages will be deserted.


A big part of the mountain villages have no more than 20 inhabitants. They are mainly inhabited by retired people. In the villages where the predominant part of the population comes from the minorities such as Bebrovo, Kamenari, Konstantin, Maysko mainly young people live. There the growth in population is positive partly balancing the decrease in the rest of the villages.

Some 30% of the population of the Municipality comes from the minorities, being concentrated in Bebrovo, Kamenari, Konstantin, Maisko and the nearby villages.

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