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In a boat on the riverThe beginnings of organized tourism and sport in Elena region are dating back from the first years of Liberation. The great Balkan gives its shelter to the nature minded people and the admirers of its majestic beauty.

It was not by chance that on the first appeal directed by Aleko Konstantinov for Cherni Peak climbing, among the 300 enthusiasts who set up the Bulgarian tourist association seven came from the town of Elena. As a result on the fourteenth of June,1901 the Tourist Society “Chumerna” was established. It was the first in Veliko Tarnovo region and the sixth in the country. Some years later in 1908 the Sports Society “Chumerna” was found.

Encouraged and supported by the local people it started the creation of the needed sport equipments. There were built mountain hostels, playgrounds, tourist itineraries. Eleven years later, in 1926, before the start of the First World War “Chumerna” mountain hostel was opened – third in the country after these of  “Skakavitsa” and “Aleko”.

Long and full of ups and downs was the career of Elena`s sportsmen and tourists. The formation of the traditions and the equipment was the final result of the everlasting enthusiasm of many generations living in Elena.

If you wish to visit the picturesque town of Elena some more information about what to see and where to stay you could find in the reference Guide.

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