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Beginners skiersThe municipality of Elena has on its disposal plenty of sport and tourist equipments created during many years. At “Chumerna” hostel a ski-path (750m.), rope-line “Pomagalski” and ski-wardrobe (100 pairs of ski) exist. Near “Boukovets” hostel and in Elena surroundings, at a place called “Ears” mini ski-roads were built.

There are eight ranges for sport orientation in the municipality of Elena. This fact makes it to be the richest one of ranges in the whole country.

At “Boukovets” hostel there are opportunities for rock scramble.

9 eco tracks were created and supported in the municipality.

1. Town Elena – Tarkasheni village – Darlevtsi village – “Boaza” Inn – 4 hours
2. Town Elena – “Markov stone” – “Raev stone” – town Elena – 4hours and a half
3. Town Elena – “Hristovski waterfall” – town Elena – 3hours and a half
4. Town Elena – Valchevtsi village – Yovkovtsi Dam – Kapinovski monastery – 5 hours
5. Town Elena – Bagalevtsi village – ”Elephant” called tree – 3 hours
6. Miykovtsi village – Chumerna peak – “Chumerna” mountain hostel – Miykovtsi village – 6 hours
7. Miykovtsi village – “Chumerna”mountain hostel – “Bukovets” hostel – Miykovtsi village – 7 hours
8. Miykovtsi village – “Golyama turla” peak – “Haydushki kladenets’ – Kostel village – 3hours and a half
9. Miykovtsi village Atlartsi village Miykovtsi village 2 hours

In the town of Elena, there are three swimming pools – two in the open and one covered. There exist great opportunities for using a stadium where on your disposal are racing track, volley-ball playground, football field and tennis court.

Near the stadium is located the Sports Centre offering the possibility for wrestling, judo, sambo training, weightlifting hall, well equipped sauna.

In the center is situated a combined basketball and football playground.

There is one more sport complex which is located at “Ivan Momchilov” school. It offers for using: football playground, sports ground, sports hall where an artificial wall for rock scramble and a covered pool could be used.

The sports equipments in Elena offer a great opportunity for professional teams training.

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