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Sport and tourism

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In the sport-tourist calendar of the municipality, the most important are the following events.Excursion

Municipal football tournament which is under the patronage of the mayor. It takes place in winter. Teams from different companies, associations and enterprises take part in it.

Horse races are organized each year in Konstantin and Yakovtsi villages.

Wrestling's are organized by Sports club “Dan Kolov”. They are usually carried out on fairs and public holidays.

A competition of field-and-track events takes place each year in May. Sport teams from all schools take part in them.

Every year in July there`s an organized march to Kapinovski Monastery. The three rays : pedestrian, velo and auto-march meet together at the monastery. After the worship a boiled mutton is served.

The holiday of Elena`s Balkan is organized in May and continues two days. It includes tourist march and velocross (from Miykovtsi village across “Chumerna” hostel, to “Chumerna” peak), fun games and competitions. On the second day a fair of the amateur folk cast “In the south and north of the Balkan” takes place.

Students` relay race on first of November – The day of the leaders of the Bulgarian National Enlightment and the patronal festival of “Ivan Momchilov”school.

The relay race on fifth of December is hold as a sign of admiration towards the perished for the liberation of the town of Elena during the Russion- Turkish war. This date is historically related to the leaving of the town from its citizens known as “The running”.

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