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Winter sunsetOn the whole territory of the municipality there are 4324 telephones. The phone network covers nearly the whole territory of the municipality.

In the Municipality there is coverage of the three mobile operators. Vivatel ensures some 50%, Mobiltel 70% and Globul 60% coverage on the territory. Due to the mountainous relief it is hard the whole territory to be covered.

The connection between the center of the municipality and the center of the region is effectuated by high-frequency outfits. The mountainous conditions are not appropriate for direct acceptance of T.V. signal from Botev peak. For the servicing of the whole territory there are 6 T.V. stations. Installations are automated and don’t need to be serviced.

In the town of Elena, there is one cable television operator as well as a cable radio. Internet connection and service are provided by two suppliers and BTC (Bulgarian Telecommunication Company).

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