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The Municipality

The picturesque mountainous town of Elena is situated at the foothills of the Elena Balkan. It lies in the lovely valley of the Elena River. To the north are the Ellena`s hills, to the south – the Balkan. Northern from the town Chukani ridge can be seen where among fresh pine forests is the former climatic school. Behind the ridge high hills made of marls and sandstones touch the sky.

А mountainous flowerThe climate is temperate- continental with the typical for the mountainous regions climatic features. The predominant part of the rain falls during the summer season which keeps the freshness and the greenery of the vegetation till late in autumn. The snow cover usually appears at the beginning of December and lasts till the middle of March.

The air is fresh and favourable to the cure of asthma and lung diseases. This effect is due to the new coniferous and the deep broadleaf forests, occupying a major part of the valley (hollow).

Soils are mainly light-grey and brown forest and at the river valleys they are alluvial and alluvial-meadow. The main soil making rocks are: sandstones, limestones, conglomerates, etc. The humus horizon is thin (10-15 centimetres).The strong vertical breaks of the landscape and the destruction of the forests have led to a high degree of erosion. There are not ores and mineral resources.

The Municipality of Elena is abundant in timber resources. Wide spread broadleaf trees are oak, hornbeam, sycamore, linden, beech mixed with elm, maple, ash, cherry tree, pear, crab-apple, etc… There are a lot of bushes such as hawthorn, sweetbrier, hazel, cornel.

Elena`s Balkan is a good game region. Widely distributed are roe; red deer and wild-boar. The representatives of the small-game are hares, partridges, quails. In the high mountainous regions hawks, falcons and different kinds of small wild birds could be seen.

The rivers teem with barbel and chub. In the foamy and cold springs trout lives. In Yovkovtsi Dam carp, sheat-fish, white-fish are multiplied.

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