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The Municipality

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Map of BulgariaThe Municipality of Elena is located in the central north part of the Republic of Bulgaria and occupies the southern parts of Veliko Tarnovo region, the high parts of the Fore-Balkans and the Balkan Range. Its borders reach the riddle of the Balkan Range on the northern slopes of the Central Stara Planina (the Elena-Tvarditsa ridge) and the fore maintains north of it.

It covers a territory of 671,39 square kilometers. The elevation varies from 100 to 1536 meters above sea level. The relief is various: with hills and plains to the north and mountainous to the south (with steep slopes and deeply incised river valleys). A considerable part of its territory lies at 300- 600 meters above sea level. Chumerna peak (1536 meters) is the highest one of the Elena-Tvarditsa Mountain.

The Municipality of Elena borders six municipalities from five regions: to the north and northwest - Zlataritsa and Veliko Tarnovo; to the northeast – Antonovo; to the east – Sliven and to the south – Gurkovo and Tvarditsa.

Map of the Municipality of Elena

Elena lies at a distance of 38 kilometers from Veliko Tarnovo; 20 kilometers from Zlataritsa; 71 kilometers from Antonovo; 75 kilometers from Kotel; 79 kilometers from Sliven; 40 kilometers from Tvarditsa and 52 kilometers from Gurkovo.

Town Elena

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